Michael Hughes

Mike started his sprinkler career in 1969 when he was still in High school at Rumson NJ.

He continued on working for commercial and residential companies in the Denver area. He has worked as a supervisor on such projects as the Grand Lake golf course, the Copper Mountain golf course and was the head of irrigation for the University of Denver for 5 years.

He still works in the field though now in his 60’s and performs all of the administrative, additional technical advise, and public relations work for the company.

Hamilton Whaley III

Hamilton started his career in 2005 in Florida.

He has worked and managed multiple irrigation and landscape projects.  His skill and experience not only includes installation and repair of sprinkler systems but is also a qualified arborist.

With an Associates Degree in Business Management, he will be shifting to assume more of the duties currently performed by Michael Hughes.

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Our Services

We specialize in repair and maintenance of sprinkler systems. 

We do add-on’s, garden, and upgrades to existing systems. There are many excellent devices such as moisture sensors that we offer to compliment your systems should you wish to enhance your existing system.

Snow removal for residential and small commercial properties.

We can be reached by phone at any time at (303)692-9401.


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Our rates are $75.00/hour plus parts.  There are 20 minutes of drive time as part of the first (1st) hour of service.

Please call 303-692-9401 to set up an appointment.  Because you viewed our site, mention 10% OFF PARTS when you call for service to receive a discount up to $50 off parts.

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